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Boston Marathon - 16th April 2018

In stark contracts to the previous day's Brighton Marathon, the Boston Marathon in the USA was run in freezing temperatures, torrential rain and gale-force headwinds. With runners running in every piece of clothing they possessed plus rain ponchos, plastic bags etc, the fact that Emma Twomey only missed a PB by 27 seconds is a stand out performance, and gained her a GFA time for London Marathon. Janet Binns ran her slowest marathon but still achieved a London GFA and Boston Qualifying time (which just shows how high her usual standard is), whilst Helen Jones-Totays just missed her GFA time by less than a minute. Sunita Dawett sadly succumbed to the conditions and pulled out hypothermic at 23 miles, which is still a good effort considering she only decided to run at the last minute having been ill for most of the last month. Well done all.