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"I remember being really happy to then come out of my shell and be part of this amazing community.... once I allowed myself to be part of the group the benefits were huge. I had advice from people who were seasoned runners.... non-judgemental... safe .... and kind and supportive"

​​​​​​Bella Shah

"The Dashers are a great club with an inclusive culture where everyone will find their place – whether they are a beginner or an advanced runner, whether they want to run fast or far, or just run for fun, chit chat and cake. The support is always incredible, and I can’t remember being a part of a more wonderful bunch of people."

Veronika Gill


"The best memory was seeing the welcome back at the club house after I completed the 100km virtual Endure in June 2020. I was completely overwhelmed by the support with folk running with me at silly hours of the night and morning and the line of cheering Dashers seeing me home. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry so I done both. This just shows what a great club the Dashers is"

Anne Mograby


“I’ve been a member of Datchet Dashers for 20 years. A really friendly club that caters for all abilities. Whether you are a 5 min miler or just starting your running everyone trains together."

Michael Hill

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