Club Championship


We have three club championships; men's, ladies, and an overall age-graded championship, so everyone has a chance!


For the men's and ladies competitions, 100 points are awarded for the first club member home, 99 for second, 98 for third, and so on. For the age-graded competition, 100 points are awarded for the club member with the highest age-grading, 99 for the second-highest, 98 for third-highest, and so on.

Age-grading is calculated using WMA 2015 road racing factors. This is based on the world record for the same distance and is normalised for age and gender (you can find an online calculator here).

The best 8 placings from 14 events score for the men's, ladies and age-graded competitions.

In the event of tied results, the highest scores will be taken into account.


Club kit must be worn at Championship events to score points, except for the marathon. Subscriptions must be paid during the year to be a trophy winner. Only 1st Claim members are eligible to win the Championship.

In order to qualify to compete in the club championship, you must complete 4 out of the 6 events listed below.

For each of events 1 to 4 you will need to nominate your result as being your championship entry within 7 days of the event, and once submitted you can’t change your nominated event should you happen to run a faster time over the same distance at a later date.
Events 5 & 6 are internal club races held on the dates specified.

All fixtures must be within the qualifying timetable between the 1st April - 31st October 2021

2021-22 Fixtures

Subject to date confirmation by race organisers

5km (including parkruns)

Any non-virtual - submitted within 7 days of event

Any 10km

Any non-virtual - submitted within 7 days of event

Half Marathon

Any non-virtual - submitted within 7 days of event


Any non-virtual - submitted within 7 days of event

Magic Mile - a one mile race held on Home Park

Thursday 10th June

Jules Jog - Info by email

09:30 Sunday 31st October


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