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London Marathon Ballot

The club draw for London Marathon places will take place in December.

Members of Datchet Dashers can secure a place in the London Marathon (LM) in many ways. Like all others, Dashers can gain a place through the official public ballot, by running for a charity or by securing a ‘good for age’ entry.
Each year the club is allocated a handful of LM entries by virtue of our affiliation to England Athletics (EA) and our involvement in the Lucozade Drink Station at mile 23 of the LM. Dashers who meet the criteria can gain access to a ballot for these places. The criteria are set out below:
Criteria for entering the ballot for EA-affiliated and Lucozade Drink Station places:


  1. Be member of the Datchet Dashers

  2. You must have completed at least 4 club championship events in the preceding 12 months (Dec - Nov). This does not include the 'any marathon' option.

  3. You must have volunteered in advance and helped at one of the club’s organised race events in the preceeding 12 months.

  4. You must have tail-run on a Thursday at least once in the preceding 12 months (for slower runners this is at the discretion of the Committee).

  5. You must have entered the latest London Marathon public ballot and not been successful.

  6. You must not have won a place in last year's club draw (unless there are less entrants than available places).

Specific additional criteria must also be fulfilled:
EA-affiliated places
The club is allocated places according to the number of EA-affiliated members. Any member wanting to enter the club ballot for an EA-affiliated LM place MUST be an active EA-affiliated member of the club. Dashers with non-EA affiliated membership will not be eligible.
Lucozade Drink Station places
These places are kindly offered to us due to our support at the Lucozade Drink Station, so to be eligible for this ballot, you must have worked on the drink station during the last London Marathon.

An email and Facebook notice will go out to club members when the time to apply for places approaches. Please note, you will still need to pay for your entry - the ballot system only guarantees you a place.

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