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COVID-19 Training Notice - return to Tuesday club-nights

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Dear Dashers

Following updated advice from England Athletics, the Club have carried out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment as required by England Athletics that identifies the key risks and mitigating measures:

Risk Assessment Datchet Dashers V0.2
Download PDF • 77KB

The below communication outlines the approach for resuming training, which we require existing & prospective members to read prior to attending training sessions.


  • We will resume activities beginning with Tuesday evening sessions. These will take place [assumed exclusively at Home Park, Windsor] from Tuesday 4th August.

  • Sessions will be pre-published on the website by the club coach.

  • Pre-registration for sessions will be mandatory for existing and prospective members. Details to be provided each week in advance. As part of this pre-registration, existing and prospective members are providing consent for their details to be stored and may be referred to the government Test & Trace scheme in line with the below protocol should an attendee at a session later subsequently be diagnosed with COVID19. Data will be kept for 21 days only and then deleted, if the NHS has not requested them by then (the club continue to comply with GDPR with regard to members’ data, i.e. only the committee/membership secretary has access to this information.)

  • Any existing or prospective member who attends training without having pre-registered must take personal responsibility for adding their details to the pre-registration link that evening.

  • The clubhouse will be closed including our toilet facilities so runners should arrive ready to run & carry any valuables with them while running as these cannot be stored within the clubhouse.

  • Attendance at club sessions is subject to existing or prospective members acknowledging these guidelines, government advice & having read the risk assessment.

  • Sessions should not be attended under any circumstances by anyone displaying any signs of COVID-19 e.g. persistent cough or other symptoms as listed on the NHS England website.

  • We will not presently be able to undertake any formal activities such as Races, Relays etc.

  • Thursday sessions will resume once the Club Committee are confident in the adherence to the above guidelines by existing & prospective members and details on Thursday sessions will be published in a future communication sent via email, posted on the club website & shared on the Datchet Dashers Facebook group.

New & Prospective Members

  • If there are any new members with any questions please speak to either the club chairman & COVID co-ordinator David Priddy or the club captains Emma Twomey, Ian Gutteridge or Chris Hunt.

  • New members must also ensure they pre-register for the sessions in advance.

  • New members traveling by car to the club should park at the far end of Home Park [beyond the clubhouse] not within the club official spaces to avoid handing out car park passes.

Members Displaying Symptoms

  • Sessions should not be attended under any circumstances by anyone displaying any signs of COVID-19 e.g. persistent cough or other symptoms as listed on the NHS England website.

  • Any member who displays symptoms within 14 days of a session they have attended should immediately self-isolate and arrange to get tested via the NHS.

  • They must also immediately notify the club COVID19 co-ordinator David Priddy (07973 746972 or via email at On receipt of such a notification, the club’s COVID-19 co-ordinator will then advise all attendees of the relevant sessions to self-isolate and get tested. [NOTE: the NHS will only test you if you're symptomatic]. Please note: the club's COVID-19 co-ordinator will not disclose the name of the symptomatic person when reaching out to other members.

  • If any member receives a positive test result, then this will trigger the NHS Test and Trace protocol. If this happens, the runner should provide the NHS Test and Trace programme with the club’s COVID-19 co-ordinator’s contact details (above), who will in turn provide the NHS Test and Trace programme with the contact details of all runners who attended the relevant sessions to them as necessary.

  • If the test comes back negative, the COVID-19 co-ordinator will communicate to the attendees previously advised to self-isolate, that this is no longer required.

In addition to the risk assessment supplied above, please familiarise yourselves with the following links:

Safe running and we look forward to seeing you at Home Park.


Datchet Dashers Committee


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