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Annual Racing Statistics - 2018

So what did we race in 2018? Well we raced slightly more races than 2017 at a faster pace, but over slightly shorter distances. The main reason for this is probably the fact we ran more parkruns, up from 2458 in 2017 to 2876 in 2018. However, we still completed races from 800m right up to 255km. Fastest race time of the year was Ken Brown who did a track 800m in 00:02:28.5 whilst the longest was a 38:53:31 162km trek through Greek mountains & forests by Martin Ilott. In fact, the four longest races of the year were all run by Martin Ilott, and added up to a total of 503 miles or 805km. Martin contributed no less than 729 miles or 1166km to the club annual total on his own.