If you would like to run on your own (or in small groups, according to the government's latest guidance) and keep up with the club training schedule, the week's interval sessions will be posted here, including Paul's now 'virtual' track sessions and what used to be the club's Tuesday intervals. Don't forget to look after yourself... warm up, cool down, stretch, and don't necessarily push yourself to your limits at this time. Most importantly, please ensure you follow the latest government guidelines.

Club members are welcome to join the Datchet Dashers Club on Strava and keep up to date with everyone on social media.

Happy running!


Week commencing 06/07/20


Paul's Virtual Track Session:

2 sets of...

4 x 400m (90 secs rest)

1 x 800m

5 mins between sets

Total distance: 3 miles


400m: 26s/mile faster than 5k race pace

800m: 14s/mile faster than 5k race pace



Club Session - Intervals

1 x 5mins, 1 x 4 mins, 1 x 3 mins, 1 x 2 mins, 1 x 1 min

60s rest between each interval

Magic Mile
Run window: Monday 6th July, closing on Sunday 12th July

Track and submit your time to David Priddy's form.

What is it?... Run 1 mile absolutely as fast as you can.
This is something that the vast majority of us never do. Yes, we do reps
where we run fast, but we never actually run all-out for such a short
period of time. You should all be running this substantially faster than
your usual pace, even faster than your rep pace, so don't do it as part
of a longer run. Instead do a proper warm up, absolutely thrash yourself
for 1 mile and then crawl home - you should have absolutely nothing
left. It really is a different mindset, hence why we brought in this
challenge a few years ago, just to get you doing something different,
and to make you realise how fast you really are.

You can all do this, you just need to override your brain, tell your
legs to shut up and push yourself absolutely. You may just surprise
yourself how fast you can go!

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