Thames Valley Virtual Cross Country Team Challenge

Hi All You may recall that last year we did a 5k virtual team race against the other members of the TVXC league. Well now it's time for a virtual cross country race. You have between Monday 15th and Sunday 28th February to run a 5-mile course that's as XC-like as you can make it, including mud & hills where possible. I realise this is a rather inexact description, and not necessarily that easy for those of you who have no muddy hills nearby, but we leave it to you to do your best. I know some members of Handy Cross are actually planning to run their XC course for example - they must be mad to do that voluntarily! Runs should obviously be completed in line with government guidelines regarding exercise. When completed, please record your result via the virtual results page on our website at the following link:

The team scoring will be similar to the 5k challenge last year: First 6 men First 6 women First 6 men & 6 women combined First 4 men in each of the V40, V50 and V60 categories First 4 women in each of the V40, V50 and V60 categories First 6 vet men First 6 vet women First 6 vet men & 6 vet women combined Let the muddy splashing commence.