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Thames Valley Cross Country League

2022/23 Thames Valley Cross Country League

​Dates have yet to be confirmed, please check back later

  • Round 1 - 24th Oct 2021 - 11am - Metros, Hillingdon Sports & Leisure Complex

  • Round 2 - 14th Nov 2021 - 11am - Datchet, The Brocas

  • Round 3 - 28th Nov 2021 - 11am - Sandhurst, Lord Wandsworth College

  • Round 4 - 12th Dec 2021 - 11am - Reading, Ashenbury Park

  • Round 5 - 16th Jan 2022 - 11am - Bracknell, Lightwater Country Park

  • Round 6 - 23rd Jan 2022 - 11am - Handy Cross, Bradenham Woods, High Wycombe

The XC races are a friendly affair, organised by mostly the same group of clubs who run the summer 5Ks. It’s a team event, with traditional cross-country scoring (see below for more details). In short, turn up, run, and remember to wear club kit or all your efforts will be in vain!

The races are free to Dashers as the club are paying the entrance fees. Guests GBP 4.00 per race. Just like the 5k races, there’s plenty of free food and hot drink afterwards.

All events start at 11am. Maps and directions will be sent out in the week before each race, or you can visit the TVXC website for more details. You can download / view the current Datchet Dasher's XC Marshal Map here.


Thanks to Mike Raistrick, there’s a fantastic database-driven site with all the results



  1. No spitting, biting or gouging :-)

  2. The minimum age for participation in the league is 16.

  3. All participating club runners must wear club colours. Anybody not wearing club colours will be excluded from the scoring team.

  4. All events will start at 11:00 am.

  5. Vets age status will be fixed from the first event of the new season.

  6. A scoring team consists of 6 male runners (including a minimum of 2 vets) and 4 female runners (including at least 1 vet). Each scoring member will contribute a point score equal to their position within their gender.

  7. If a club is unable to field a full team, the missing competitors will score as the last position in the race plus 1; this will be split by gender.

  8. Male and female results will be calculated as separate races with clubs ranked within for each race.

  9. The club position scores for the male and female races will be added to provide the overall score. League points will be awarded to each team according to their position within the fixture.

  10. Any team failing to compete in a fixture will receive no points.

  11. The final overall league position will be decided by taking the total of the league points for all the fixtures. A club’s total league score will be defined by its total score minus the worst score for the season, i.e. best 7 from 8 events.

  12. No headphones (of any kind) are allowed at any cross country event.

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